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1.) It is important to be present when your generator exercises (weekly test run) for many             reasons (#1 you know it starts, if it doesn't exercise it will not start during an outage).

2.) Routine Maintenance is very important.  Protect your investment by having the oil             changed at least once a year.  However, in the event of an extended outage you should have the oil changed again (approximately 100 hours is the equivalent to 3,000 miles like your car). 

3.) Batteries should be replaced every 3 years to ensure the readiness of your generator. 

4.) Coolant/Antifreeze should be replaced every 3-5 years. 

5.) Your generator should be at least 3 feet from any bushes, trees, etc.  This is a fire hazard. 

6.) It is important to check inside the generator enclosure often.  Rodents sometimes build     nests inside, this can prevent the unit from starting.  They can also chew wires that can           cause damage to expensive parts. 

7.) If a storm is predicted do not wait until 3 days before to have it checked.  Sometimes it is         necessary to order parts which can take up to a week or more to receive. 

8.) In the event of snow you want to make sure the exhaust is free and clear of snow.  You           also want to clear a walk way to the generator in the event a service call is necessary.

9.) In the summer months, if you have an air cooled unit and you experience an extended             outage turn the generator off about every 6 hours and give it a rest to ensure that the             engine does not over heat. Air cooled means just that, there is no radiator to cool the               engine.  Generators run hot and summer air is hot.  Be kind to your engine :)

10.)  Read your owner's manual.  Your generator is an investment and you want to make sure you are taking care of it in the best way possible.